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Feeling tired of those skycrappers in the concrete jungle hiks? Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city by visiting this beautiful part of Terengganu, Dungun where nature is your playground. Lemme introduce you with these mesmerizing pieces of DUNGUN and the locations nearby Dungun. 😍😍🤗

Rasa bosan setiap kali anda datang melawat Dungun? Nak ambil gambar di tempat yang lawa dan menarik fefeeling dak dak hipster? Meh sini saya nak kongsi tetempat lelawa di dungun dan lokasi yang berdekatan dengan dungun.Banyak lagi gambar yang akan menyusul dimana tempat tempat menarik yang sesuai untuk dak dak hipseterrrrrr. Tengok neh sek mungggggggg 😂😂🤓❣️🌿🌾🌴🌲

Selama mana pun kita cari rezeki tempat orang wehhh tempat kita memang thorbaikk

P/S : Untuk makluman gambar yg diterima telah di edit oleh pemilik asal 🙂

Random Locations : Bukit Bauk, Kg Jambu bongkok, Jeti Kuala Dungun, Pantai Batu Pelanduk,










Songkhla’s Street Art

Hey guys! Since many people did a review on ”Hatyai” So I think I want to do a review of Songkhla’s street art which I think a very nice old town to pay a visit. All of the pictures were collected during the walk all the way around Songkhla street art. There’s a few mini galleries run by self taught artists. Songkhla is like an old town, nice heritage city and still maintain the old architecture building and if in Malaysia its liked Penang. It was a precious moment, I talked with the artists about art. For the paintings on the wall you have to walk around and you may ask any local there to provide pamphlet because it has a few checkpoints for every painting. So it might be easier if you’re walking with pamphlet. Not all of the locals there could speak English, maybe you can bring 

any local people who can speak English. Apart from my experience,  I asked my grab’s driver which is very kind person and willing to bring us to have a walk around Songkhla’s Street Art. Hey for those of you who is interested with artsy fartsy thingy , You can find it in Songkhla! 

Art and Love are the same thing : It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you // Chuck Klosterman

-T Tiya takes Thailand, Dec,2018.


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Contemporary idea for poster :)

Posters are one of my fav design projects because you can expand your creativity  so many different ways. They’re creative, bold, groovy and can provoke so many emotions too. Some posters get you excited such as music,art or event posters. english.ai 2